Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos: Dual-trained workers keep construction on schedule

For almost a century, asbestos was in the most widely used construction materials in the nation. As far as history goes, the truth about the dangers of asbestos is fairly recent--dating only back to early the mid 1900s--so it’s not uncommon to come across it in our buildings even today. In buildings dating pre-1968, you may find asbestos in flooring, drywall, ceilings or insulation.

Long-term exposure to asbestos can increase risk of certain types of cancer, be harmful to your breathing, or irritate your lungs. It’s important to remove any asbestos or other harmful material as soon as you determine there may be a problem. If you or your tenants begin to display signs of labored breathing or fall suddenly ill, or if your building dates pre-1968, you may have a need for an asbestos removal company. We are qualified to perform asbestos abatement and remove all potential hazards from your property.

Our workers are dual-trained, and that simplifies schedules when both renovations and remediation are involved. For example, a crewmember who specializes in laying floor tile is also rated to remove asbestos tile. This way, we eliminate the need for subcontractors and save our clients both time and expense.

Safety is our primary concern. With asbestos and all other hazardous materials, we make all the necessary precautions to assure the health and safety of tenants and employees. At every stage of removal, from assessment to replacement, we take precautions to ensure that tenants are not in danger of coming in contact with any hazardous material. Our removal methods take into consideration not only the safety of our crew, but also of every tenant.

Once the asbestos is removed, we will replace the affected area with new, clean materials quickly. Our crews are invested in the process and committed to the safety and environment of your property and tenants.